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The SAM maintains and controls a symmetrical postural alignment in a stable forward leaning position. Stability is given to all body segments, starting with the pelvis as the ‘keystone’ of the structure.

30 years of research, clinical trials and evolution have culminated in the development of this unique seating system. A key part of the system is the forward tilting contoured seat. The ‘straddle’ not ‘saddle’ seat encourages anterior tilt of the pelvis to facilitate postural ability and to enhance function and cognitive development.

The forward lean position is one, which has been advocated by many clinical professionals both for the able bodied, and the non-ambulant as that which promotes functional ability. It is the usual position adopted by the able-bodied person when attention to accuracy and efficiency of action is called for.

Contractures, deformity and localised high pressures are frequently associated with the inability to sit independently. The SAM assists in the prevention of these complications by giving the appropriate support and control to the body system. A child presenting with one or more of the following is suitable for the SAM system; sitting ability level 2 – 4 PPAS, athetoid movements, extensor thrust, spasticity, hypotonia or poor head control.


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Key Points

sam chair
mobile baseshoulder harnesscontoured seat

Size Guide:

MeasurementSize 1Size 2Size 3Size 4
Seat depth (mm)200230280330
Seat height (H Frame) (mm)280-350280-350280-400300-480
Anterior supports (length) (mm)165195225265
Anterior supports (width) (mm)140-180180-210220-280280-340
Footboard height from floor (mm)55555555
Ground clearance (mm)40404040
Total length inc. tray & handle (mm)920920920920
Width (mm)650650650650
Max user weight (kg)50607080
Product weight (kg)39434852

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