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We have two exciting add ons to purchase for your Rokka, a theatre pack and a kitchen pack.

Turn the Rokka on its side and add the contents of the Kitchen Accessories pack to make the Rokka Kitchen with an oven which opens, a washing machine, a cooker with knobs that turn, a sink with hot and cold taps, shelves which provide storage, and holes for slotting utensils in.  The Rokka Kitchen is a fantastic combination of realism, durability and fun.  When they’ve finished their cooking the Rokka Kitchen makes a great café and shop for role-play with siblings and friends.

Turn the Rokka on its side and add the contents of the Theatre Accessories pack to make the Rokka Theatre with its grand curtains and colourful beach-scene backdrop which fit on to the four giant wooden spoons (that come with the main Rokka pack); there is plenty of room backstage for your budding puppeteers and producers. Quite apart from all the opportunities for playing hide-and-seek and peek-a-boo, the Theatre pack taps into children’s creativity, and into their appetites for inventing stores, plots and shows.  As well as boosting their confidence and social development, it does wonders for their vocabulary (and their ability to think on their feet).

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