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Our range of desks have been designed to fit into the school environment with larger sized desk tops for dynamic learning.

Each of the desks have a modern metal mechanism with a turn handle to easily change the height; ideal when there are multiple people using the table.

Each top has a sliding bottom extension to secure pens and paper from sliding off the desk when it’s being used in a tilted position.

Our desks can be used with a variety of chairs and can be made to match the colour of our Juni chairs.

Key Points

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Size Guide:

TypeCodeHeight range (mm)Width (mm)Depth (mm)Max weight (kg)Product weight (kg)
Fixed top2500470-6109006005040
Fixed top with castors2501545-6859006005040
Fixed top2504470-61012006005045
Fixed top with castors2505545-68512006005045
Tilting top2502470-6109006005040
Tilting top with castors2503545-6859006005040
Tilting top2506470-61012006005045
Tilting top with castors2507545-68512006005045