Smirthwaite are proud to be working in partnership with the University of Plymouth on the studentship programme.

In 2018 we trailed the first research scholarship which consisted of devising a brief in conjunction with the University of Plymouth that would aid both ourselves and the students who were particularly interested in paediatric occupational therapy.

The premise of this project is to create a video/short film lasting no more than 3 to 4 minutes on the anatomical benefits of a nominated Smirthwaite product for a child with a particular condition.

This year, two students applied and successfully completed the interview process; Gemma Cutis and Jade Hearson. Both went on to create different but fantastic videos which we will be able to use parents, children, therapists and as training tool for new members of our team.

Take a look at what was achieved in the video below…

We were delighted when we were asked if we would be running the studentship project again in 2019 as we have found it to be a really valuable exercise in developing relationships and knowledge.

It is our long term goal to open this opportunity up to more universities across the country so watch this space!

Further details of the project can be found below and if you would like to apply to take part in the University of Plymouth 2019 Smirthwaite studentship please submit a personal statement about yourself and why you wish to take part to:

For further information on our studentship and how to apply, please download our PDF.

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Susan Mitchell, Antony McDermott Brown, Jade Hearson, Gemma Curtis, Claire Litton & Joe Henderson.

"Both my University and the Smirthwaite team have been so supportive throughout, whilst still enabling us to be creative, I wouldn't hesitate to do it again."

“I’ve always wanted to work in paediatric occupational therapy, so when I heard about this opportunity, I knew I wanted to apply.
Learning about the products not only informed the video work in the studentship but also gave me lots to think about in a future career.”

Jade Hearson

“Occupational therapy is all about helping people work through or live with a condition and helping them through everyday activities. Seeing how Smirthwaite manufactures these clinical chairs to help make them fun was really insightful and I thoroughly enjoyed the project.”

Gemma Curtis

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