We highly recommend an annual service on all of our electronic or metal products. For our wooden products, we advise servicing every 2 to 3 years (please refer to your product’s User Guide).

Our approved Technicians perform a thorough and comprehensive inspection prior to servicing your product, which ensures it is in good working condition and is fit for your child to use.

When all safety tests have been passed, you will be issued with a certificate of compliance.

Why should you take advantage of our inspection and service?

All parts necessary in ensuring that your product passes its compliance test will be provided as part of the servicing fee.*

  • Children rely upon our products and an annual service ensures that the product is fit for their use.
  • You save unnecessary costs that would be payable if your product becomes faulty.
  • It will provide you with peace of mind you need that your child is not at risk.

*Please note, once the product’s warranty has expired, it must be serviced in the time-frames outlined in the product’s User Guide to qualify for free parts. Free parts are also subject to the product not being misused. Free parts do not include electrical components, bespoke and other manufactured parts such as safety sides for the changing benches. Please call customer services for full terms and conditions.

Discount on multiple servicing

If you have more than one product that requires servicing, we can offer you a reduced rate. Call the Customer Services team today to discover how much you could save.

Booking your service

Booking your inspection and service has never been easier. Simply call our Customer Services team on 01626 835552.

Warranty and repairs

All Smirthwaite products come with a 2-year warranty as standard. In this time, any repairs (except those relating to misuse and general wear and tear) are provided to you free of charge. Should your product require a repair outside its warranty period, please call our Customer Services team who will be more than happy to assist you.

Check out our servicing and maintenance brochure for details on pricing

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