Month: August 2018

Thank you for the review

Thank you to the lovely family for taking the time to post this review of our Heathfield chair on social media yesterday.

Please see the review video on YouTube by clicking HERE.

You can also find more information about this lovely little chair by visiting the Heathfield page.

Check Out Our New Products

We are very happy to bring you Felix, Sunni and an electric hi-lo base for IndiGO, Strato and Brookfield.

So what are these new products?

Felix – a mild wooden school chair that is stackable, covers can be removed easily and wiped clean, plus it has an anti-tilt design.

Sunni – a school canteen chair that offers support whilst the child eats, allowing them to join their friends and socialise during school break times.

Electric hi-lo base – allows for tool and stress free height adjustments, increased user weights and is available on three of our most popular chairs; Brookfield, IndiGO and Strato. 

Please contact us for a free assessment or for more information on any of these products.

Happy Sensory O Frame Customer

Another successful O Frame install into a customer’s home, this O frame was sold with one of our Hug ‘n’ Hold bolster swings.

All products are obviously tested after install, this one gets the Thumbs up from our Smirthwaite Quality Engineer, Laurence Adams.

Loving his Strato on the new Hi-Lo Electric Base

“We would say the chair has been successful in supporting our pupils participation and posture during class activities. The wheels make the chair very mobile. We would also say the pupil really enjoys using the seat and he is happy to use it in a variety of environments.” 

Lorraine @ Aberdeen City Council